Some people have cooler websites than I do, here is some of the ones I think you should check out if you don't know them yet.


This one is my own creation, possibly the most popular thing I've ever placed on the web, MatPaste is a webpage where you can post little pieces of text or code that can then be shared with people as a link. It encrypts the text with AES in javascript, but as it depends on the random generator of the browser security and privacy is not guaranteed. As a matter of fact I don't guarantee anything, but it is useful nonetheless. At the moment you can post up to 500kB of text and after 2000 new posts the oldest one will be deleted.

Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series

Navy training manuals about electronics downloadable as PDF format. A great place to start learning about electronics, even though these are old documents most of it is still very relevant and they are well written and easy to read.

Mike's Electric Stuff

This guy does cool things with electronics, and has a very entertaining YouTube channel here.


Website of the brilliant Ron Soyland, who creates his own vacuum tubes and other interesting stuff. He also has a wonderful YouTube channel here.

Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ

Often a great resource if you have something that is not working, along with a service manual if you can find one :-).

Paul Falstad's Website

Has a bunch of cool Java applets sir Falstad wrote. In particular I find the circuit simulator applet useful for testing or explaining simple ideas as it has a much less boring workflow than SPICE simulations and the likes (albeit it is somewhat limited).
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