MatWM 2 - How to download and install

Currently the recommended way to download and install matwm2 is by cloning the git repository and compiling it yourself, if you do not have git installed you can download it as a zip file from github.

To clone the git repository run the command:

git clone

Before commencing the compilation you will want to ensure that the following is installed:

  • A C compiler (GCC, clang, or whatever you prefer, even somewhat obscure ones like pcc should work)
  • The standard C libraries (they often come with the compiler)
  • Xlib and development headers for it (libx11-dev or libx11-devel on many operating systems)
  • X11 extension development headers, if support is desired (often named libxext-dev or -devel)
  • Xft and development headers for it, if truetype font support is wanted

Then to compile and install:

cd matwm2
make install

If you think this was all a mistake run: (in the matwm2 directory as downloaded)

make deinstall
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