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Welcome to MatLand - the website of the Mat. I hope you'll find something fun, interesting or useful on here. If you have any questions click here and follow the instructions you are given.


With any luck I'll remember to consistently update this section so you can see what's new.

Matland is still alive!

The link to the NEETS training manuals was changed as the original one went down, and I added a link to the brilliant Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ. Also some work was done to make the contact form faster and more reliable (sorry if I've missed messages, if I never got back to you, try again).

- Mat, 2018 March 04

MatPaste is back!

Possibly the most popular thing I've ever placed on the web, MatPaste is a webpage where you can post little pieces of text or code that can then be shared with people as a link. It encrypts the text with AES in javascript, but as it depends on the random generator of the browser security and privacy is not guaranteed. As a matter of fact I don't guarantee anything, but it is useful nonetheless. At the moment you can post up to 500kB of text and after 2000 new posts the oldest one will be deleted.

You can also find it in the links section.

- Mat, 2017 Februari 27

First content added

Electronics section now has my compensation network calculator utility and at your left I placed a section with some links to websites I find useful.

- Mat, 2017 Februari 26

MatLand is born (again)

And this is the first "news" article on it, going live as soon as the DNS records take effect. This is the second incarnation of MatLand, I doubt anyone remembers the previous one but what little useful content it had should appear here too when I get around to that.

The purpose of this news section is to summarize when and where new things appear on this site so you can know what's new without clicking everything you've already seen. At the time of writing there's nothing here.

- Mat, 2017 Februari 25
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